Clean Water for Everyone


Who We Are

A 501(c)3 registered charity that provides access to clean, affordable water and sanitation assets in schools.

A social enterprise dedicated to creating sustainable water supply businesses in the developing world.

An organization that values the triple bottom line and strives to be a responsible agent for positive change.


Why Focus on Schools?

Children cannot study effectively without access to clean water and sanitary conditions.

By helping to make schools safer and more conducive to learning, we maximize our impact on the wider community.


Our Solution

Target schools in need of clean water and sanitation infrastructure.

Install new water and sanitation systems, or rehabilitate old assets on site.

Collect fees from students that are lower than the existing water prices they pay.

Empower schools and parents to maintain water and sanitation assets over time.

Scale the model to other schools in need of water and sanitation systems


Our Past Projects

CountryNumber of water projects in operationNumber of sanitation projects in operationIntervention types utilizedEstimated number of lives directly and indirectly impacted
Ghana13Borehole water systems and septic toilets660
Nigeria410Borehole water systems and septic toilets13,312
Nepal20Water filtration and piping from fresh springs8,784
Zimbabwe110Borehole water systems and septic toilets2,100

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Clean water is more than just a right, it is vital for peace and prosperity.

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