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Clean Water for Everyone Closes Seed Round, Launches Aggressive Infrastructure Expansion in Ghana

October 24, 2015 – New York, NY – Clean Water for Everyone (CWFE), a growing social enterprise, closed an undisclosed seed round of funding. Funding will be used to expand CWFE water and sanitation business in Ghana. The expansion includes major revenue generating infrastructure and human capital investments. The Gates Foundation estimates global demand for financing water and sanitation to be over $12 billion.

Over 3,000 children die annually from poor water sources and toilets in Ghana. CWFE addresses the lack of affordable access to water and sanitation for Ghanaian schools that would otherwise have no access to these basic needs. While Ghana has made important strides in this area, an estimated 13% of the country’s population (over 3 million people) still lacks decent access to clean water, while 27% (over 7 million) lacks access to decent sanitation.

“We want to transform the global water and sanitation crisis into economic opportunities.” said Abbey Wemimo, CEO. For Ghana, CWFE introduced a business model that is revenue generating and affords a strong value proposition for our customers. CWFE will offer debt financing for capital-intensive water and sanitation infrastructure in schools.

Additionally, CWFE has tested its value proposition through a Clinton Global Initiative Commitment to Action in Kasoa, Ghana. This project, which was initiated in 2014, supplies clean water and suitable sanitation to 150 students enrolled at the Mummy Educational Institute. This project is functional and generating revenue.

“We are revolutionizing the way clean water and sanitation is provided.” For more information, visit www.cwfe.org

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