June 15, 2014 cwfe010

Clean Water for Everyone completes its newest project at Mummy’s Educational Institute in Kasoa, Ghana

NEW YORK – June 20, 2014 – We are thrilled to announce that Clean Water for Everyone (CWFE) has invested in sustainable water and sanitation infrastructure at Mummy Educational Institute, situated in Kasoa, Ghana. This project supplies clean water and suitable sanitation to 150 students currently at the school, and positively impacts the lives of an estimated 600 people in the community. We would like to thank our donors, supporters, volunteers, and Mummy’s Educational Institute for their involvement.

Before CWFE intervened
Before Clean Water for Everyone launched this new investment, the children attending Mummy’s Educational Institute often collected water from a nearby lake for consumption purposes. Those students who chose to avoid the polluted lake would purchase expensive water packaged in plastic sachets. Sachets added to the district’s long standing pollution problem due to improper disposal practices.

A healthier future
CWFE, along with its 22-member team of Ghanaian contractors, has installed two 8,000-liter tanks that provide clean water for 150 students. We have also installed four septic toilets and two urinal systems under the supervision of our full-time monitoring and evaluations director.

Following the installation of the water and sanitation infrastructure, CWFE held a celebration with the school’s students that was attended by members of the wider community. Water stations were placed inside and outside of Mummy’s Educational Institute for community members to access. The success of the Kasoa project would not have been possible without CWFE’s numerous contributors. CWFE looks forward to impacting the lives of more students in the near future.