February 16, 2014 cwfe010

What We Did With Your Contribution

Clean water for everyone.

On behalf of Clean Water for Everyone, I would like to thank you sincerely for your contribution to the winter 2014 project. Because of your support, Clean Water for Everyone was able to provide access to clean water for over 21,700 more people.

The administration at Learn Fast Comprehensive Academy was very enthusiastic about our project, and agreed to a contract, which requires them to provide maintenance for the infrastructure. Thanks to your donation, the school and community members now have free access to clean water, 21 students will receive a scholarship for a full academic year of tuition, and the school, now has toilets and running water for the bathrooms.

During our time there, we were also able to partner with the Society of Family Health (the largest non-profit in Nigeria) and Joyful Joy Foundation in hosting a malaria and HIV testing. Over 350 people were in attendance. Those who came were offered testing, and those diagnosed with malaria were given medicine. Those diagnosed with HIV were offered counseling. Prevention and early detection are a key part of the fight to decrease the spread of illness.

We deeply appreciate your support. Access to clean water is a fundamental part of every child’s life. The use of clean water decreases the risks of contracting and spreading water borne illness. With your continued support, we hope to make a greater impact in our upcoming projects.


The Clean Water for Everyone Team

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