Clean Water for Everyone completes its newest project at Mummy’s Educational Institute in Kasoa, Ghana

NEW YORK – June 20, 2014 – We are thrilled to announce that Clean Water for Everyone (CWFE) has invested in sustainable water and sanitation infrastructure at Mummy Educational Institute, situated in Kasoa, Ghana. This project supplies clean water and suitable sanitation to 150 students currently at the school, and positively impacts the lives of an estimated 600 people in the community. We would like to thank our donors, supporters, volunteers, and Mummy’s Educational Institute for their involvement.

Before CWFE intervened
Before Clean Water for Everyone launched this new investment, the children attending Mummy’s Educational Institute often collected water from a nearby lake for consumption purposes. Those students who chose to avoid the polluted lake would purchase expensive water packaged in plastic sachets. Sachets added to the district’s long standing pollution problem due to improper disposal practices.

A healthier future
CWFE, along with its 22-member team of Ghanaian contractors, has installed two 8,000-liter tanks that provide clean water for 150 students. We have also installed four septic toilets and two urinal systems under the supervision of our full-time monitoring and evaluations director.

Following the installation of the water and sanitation infrastructure, CWFE held a celebration with the school’s students that was attended by members of the wider community. Water stations were placed inside and outside of Mummy’s Educational Institute for community members to access. The success of the Kasoa project would not have been possible without CWFE’s numerous contributors. CWFE looks forward to impacting the lives of more students in the near future.

What We Did With Your Contribution

Clean water for everyone.

On behalf of Clean Water for Everyone, I would like to thank you sincerely for your contribution to the winter 2014 project. Because of your support, Clean Water for Everyone was able to provide access to clean water for over 21,700 more people.

The administration at Learn Fast Comprehensive Academy was very enthusiastic about our project, and agreed to a contract, which requires them to provide maintenance for the infrastructure. Thanks to your donation, the school and community members now have free access to clean water, 21 students will receive a scholarship for a full academic year of tuition, and the school, now has toilets and running water for the bathrooms.

During our time there, we were also able to partner with the Society of Family Health (the largest non-profit in Nigeria) and Joyful Joy Foundation in hosting a malaria and HIV testing. Over 350 people were in attendance. Those who came were offered testing, and those diagnosed with malaria were given medicine. Those diagnosed with HIV were offered counseling. Prevention and early detection are a key part of the fight to decrease the spread of illness.

We deeply appreciate your support. Access to clean water is a fundamental part of every child’s life. The use of clean water decreases the risks of contracting and spreading water borne illness. With your continued support, we hope to make a greater impact in our upcoming projects.


The Clean Water for Everyone Team

Successful Project in Lagos, Nigeria

by Hadeel Suliman

As of May 2013, Clean Water for Everyone (CWFE) completed the execution of its latest project mission in Nigeria. CWFE founder Abbey Wemimo flew to his home country as project leader, through social entrepreneurship student organization Enactus at the University of Minnesota Crookston.

The location selected for the project was Bonjeh Schools, situated in Okokomaiko (PPL) Ojo Local Government Area in Lagos, Nigeria. This year, the non-profit organization chose a theme for the project centered on water, sanitation and education.

“Our themes for the work in Lagos, Nigeria, this year were water, sanitation, and education and Enactus took several steps in order to bring this work to fruition,” says Wemimo.

Initially, a 1,600 gallon water system was installed as planned by the organization. This meant that clean water access will be provided to over 1,000 students in the school along with an added 15,500 residents who will have indirect impact in the surrounding local community.

Providing access to clean water without proper sanitation techniques defeats the purpose of the project ,Wemimo adds. Hence, the team helped renovate three toilet facilities and built two more in the school. The renovation process provided new toilet bowls in addition to running water and a tiled flow to avoid stagnation of water. This in turn will eradicate the culture of dangerous bacteria from forming and polluting the water facilities.

As for the education portion of the project, CWFE negotiated a one-year scholarship for 30 students in Bonjeh schools to help foster a long-term reciprocal relationship between both parties while benefiting the youth in the school. The average annual school fee per student is $190, given that the school year is divided into three terms. The owners of the school and its principal have agreed on investing $5700 in scholarship money, with CWFE paying 19%, or $1300 per student. As a result, $7000 was invested, and the scholarship selection procedure began. The process was highly competitive as students were required to submit an essay, letter of recommendation, their academic records and a resumé. Over 1000 applications were received of which 30 were carefully selected, based on the quality of their essay, granting them a one full-year scholarship.

Clean Water for Everyone not only provided students of Bonjeh Schools access to clean water, but also rendered proper sanitation installations, an education scholarship to 30 deserving students and fostered a lasting connection with the school. This project mission would not have been a possibility without the boundless support of the University of Minnesota, Crookston Enactus team, the Crookston community and generous donations from people across the United States.

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UMC Press Release for Bonjeh School

After a visit to his home country of Nigeria in May, 2013 graduate Abbey Wemimo reports the completion of another Clean Water for Everyone (CWFE) project through the student organization, Enactus at the University of Minnesota Crookston. The completion of a project in the Bonjeh schools situated in Okokomaiko (PPL) Ojo Local Government Area in Lagos, Nigeria, is part of ongoing work in that country to provide clean water.

“Our themes for the work in Lagos, Nigeria, this year were water, sanitation, and education and Enactus took several steps in order to bring this work to fruition,” says Abbey, who spearheaded the effort.

A 1600-gallon water system was installed providing access to water to more than 1,000 school students coupled with another 15,500 from the surrounding community receiving indirect benefit. They also renovated three toilet facilities and built two additional ones. Along with the work for increased access to clean water and sanitation, a reciprocal relationship with the school has resulted in one-year scholarships for 30 students in Bonjeh school. The average annual (three terms) school fees per student is $190. After a negotiation process with the principal and owners of the school, they agreed to award 30 Bonjeh School students one-year full scholarship.

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Old Well

Bonjeh School Children

Bonjeh School - New Well

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Proposed project in Ojo, Nigeria


The next clean water for everyone project will be implemented in Lagos, Nigeria Ojo local government. This project will be implemented in Bonjeh schools were clean water is absolutely needed.

Bonjeh Schools

Bonje School is situated in Okokomaiko area in Ojo local government in Nigeria. A school of 1000 students, they currently use a well that is contaminated and a bad toilet where in most cases student practice open defecation. The students also have no access to clean water after their lab sessions which can be a huge detriment to their health if their hands are not properly washed after experiments with chemicals.

Solution: Water

The past three months, we have been planning and working with the principal of the school to remedy these pressing issues. After a series of planning and the help of a local consultant, we plan to install a borehole system that will provide access to clean water that would also be available for use in the student labs.

Solution: Toilets

We also plan to help build a solid infrastructure that would house new toilets for the students of Bonje schools. This project will not only restore the dignity of the students as they have a private space and cleaner sanitation system but help reduce water illnesses.


In an effort to ensure a reciprocal relationship with the school, we ask Bonjeh schools to fund 5-10 students scholarships to help pay for their education. This scholarship will be awarded to need based students that have demonstrated strong academic abilities, community service, and burning passion to advocate for clean water and proper sanitation.

Economic Benefit

Installing this water system will increase the value of Bonjeh School because of the new infrastructure provided. The school can then improve on the school with the revenue generated from school fees and other student fees. Students and their parents would also spend less time and money going to the
hospital but can invest their discretionary income in the local economy or even start a small business.

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