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Proposed project in Ojo, Nigeria


The next clean water for everyone project will be implemented in Lagos, Nigeria Ojo local government. This project will be implemented in Bonjeh schools were clean water is absolutely needed.

Bonjeh Schools

Bonje School is situated in Okokomaiko area in Ojo local government in Nigeria. A school of 1000 students, they currently use a well that is contaminated and a bad toilet where in most cases student practice open defecation. The students also have no access to clean water after their lab sessions which can be a huge detriment to their health if their hands are not properly washed after experiments with chemicals.

Solution: Water

The past three months, we have been planning and working with the principal of the school to remedy these pressing issues. After a series of planning and the help of a local consultant, we plan to install a borehole system that will provide access to clean water that would also be available for use in the student labs.

Solution: Toilets

We also plan to help build a solid infrastructure that would house new toilets for the students of Bonje schools. This project will not only restore the dignity of the students as they have a private space and cleaner sanitation system but help reduce water illnesses.


In an effort to ensure a reciprocal relationship with the school, we ask Bonjeh schools to fund 5-10 students scholarships to help pay for their education. This scholarship will be awarded to need based students that have demonstrated strong academic abilities, community service, and burning passion to advocate for clean water and proper sanitation.

Economic Benefit

Installing this water system will increase the value of Bonjeh School because of the new infrastructure provided. The school can then improve on the school with the revenue generated from school fees and other student fees. Students and their parents would also spend less time and money going to the
hospital but can invest their discretionary income in the local economy or even start a small business.

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