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UMC Press Release for Bonjeh School

After a visit to his home country of Nigeria in May, 2013 graduate Abbey Wemimo reports the completion of another Clean Water for Everyone (CWFE) project through the student organization, Enactus at the University of Minnesota Crookston. The completion of a project in the Bonjeh schools situated in Okokomaiko (PPL) Ojo Local Government Area in Lagos, Nigeria, is part of ongoing work in that country to provide clean water.

“Our themes for the work in Lagos, Nigeria, this year were water, sanitation, and education and Enactus took several steps in order to bring this work to fruition,” says Abbey, who spearheaded the effort.

A 1600-gallon water system was installed providing access to water to more than 1,000 school students coupled with another 15,500 from the surrounding community receiving indirect benefit. They also renovated three toilet facilities and built two additional ones. Along with the work for increased access to clean water and sanitation, a reciprocal relationship with the school has resulted in one-year scholarships for 30 students in Bonjeh school. The average annual (three terms) school fees per student is $190. After a negotiation process with the principal and owners of the school, they agreed to award 30 Bonjeh School students one-year full scholarship.

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Old Well

Bonjeh School Children

Bonjeh School - New Well

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